September 22, 2022

Education “Strengthening police capacity to prevent sexual harassment”

On September 22, 2022 in hotel “Terme” on Ozren, “RS MoI Women Network – RS WPON” organized an education for police officers and managers of the Administration at the headquarters of the Ministry on “Strengthening police capacity to prevent sexual harassment”.

The lecturers during the education were representatives of the Republic of Srpska institutions District Public Prosecutor’s Office of Trebinje and Ministry of the Interior.

The education aims to sensitize police officers and to strengthen their capacity to prevent sexual harassment in accordance with the normative framework and legal procedures of police practice in the Ministry of the Interior.

The project developed the monograph “Sexual Harassment”, authored by Aleksandar Miladinović, a head of the Department for Police Education, Administration for Police Education, Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior, which offers a criminal analysis of the police practice when there is indication that criminal offense of sexual harassment has been committed, as well as promotional materials – information leaflets intended for both police officers and citizens.

The aforementioned activities are implemented through the project “Strengthening the police capacity to prevent sexual harassment”, implemented by RS MoI Women Network – RS WPON with the financial support of the USA Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.