5th Annual WPON Meeting

5th Annual WPON Meeting

Members of the RS MoI Women Network participated at the fifth 5th Annual Southeast Europe Women Police Officer Network (WPON) Meeting held on December 3 and 4, 2014 in Tirana, Albania. The meeting brought together representatives of eight (8) police services from the Southeast Europe (SEE).

The purpose of the meeting was to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences on promoting gender equality within the police and to provide for the exchange of experiences on activities and results achieved during the year. In addition, the meeting facilitated networking and knowledge sharing among high-ranking women police officers in the region.

WPON members also discussed a draft 2014 data analysis on participation of women in police services in Southeast Europe. This data referred to women participating in police training, education and various positions in police services and were collected by WPON members. Data analysis would be completed in early 2015.

The meeting participants exchanged plans for future activities aimed at further strengthening of gender perspective in police services in Southeast Europe. A new WPON Executive Board was elected for 2015, and a representative of the RS MoI Women Network was elected WPON’s Vice President.

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4th Annual WPON Meeting

4th Annual WPON Meeting

From December 3 to 5 2013, the 4th Annual SEE Women Police Officer Network Meeting was held in Belgrade, Serbia, having at the agenda the following objectives:

  • to facilitate the information exchange among WPON members on the activities carried out by police services and women police officer associations during 2013;
  • to evaluate the three-year-long WPON work and evaluate its impacts;
  • to discuss future WPON activities;
  • to elect 2014 WPON Executive Board.

The fourth annual WPON meeting was attended by 15 WPON Council members from the Ministries of Interior / Police Services of Albania, BiH Federation, BiH-the Republic of Srpska (RS), Bulgaria, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro and Serbia.

WPON members presented the most important activities that took place in the police services or local women police officer associations with a view of promoting gender equality in policing. The goal of the meeting was to facilitate the exchange of information and lessons learned, as well as to learn from the experience of others.