On March 3, 2015 the representatives of the Association “RS MoI Women Network – RS WPON” participated at the seminar “Prevention and Multisectoral Approach to Domestic Violence” held at the Police Academy in Sarajevo.

The seminar was organized for the members of the Association “Women Police Officers“ in BiH by the Association itself and with ICITAP support. During one-hour presentation the representatives of RS MoI Women Network presented the activities and projects that have been implemented by the RS MoI Women Network since its establishment with the support of UN WOMEN, US Embassy to BiH, Norwegian Embassy to BiH and FIGAP program.

The special emphasis was put on work that has been done with RS MoI women police officers and domestic violence victims as well as on other activities that RS MoI Women Network carried out, with the full support of the RS Ministry of the Interior, within the project “Sensitization of Police Officers and Empowerment of Gender-Based Violence Victims through a Multisectoral Approach” funded by the US Embassy to BiH.