On October 29, 2013 in UN premises in Sarajevo, a representative of the RS MoI Women Network attended the signing of The Memorandum of Understanding between the Coordination Board for Monitoring the UNSCR 1325 Action Plan Implementation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the following non-governmental organizations: Medica Zenica, Women for Women – Sarajevo, Women Forum Bratunac, HORIZONTI Tuzla, BiH Woman – Mostar, Women from Una – Bihac, Lara – Bijeljina, Future – Modrica, Women Police Officers Network in BiH, Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior Women Network, KULT – Sarajevo, Vive Women – Tuzla.

The parties to the Memorandum of Understanding have agreed that their cooperation is based on the principle of mutual agreement, understanding and the need for joint work on the implementation of the Action Plan for UNSCR 1325 implementation in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014-2017 (hereinafter referred to as 1325 Action Plan).

The parties to the Memorandum of Understanding have agreed that they will respect the agreed partnership during the activities for 1325 Action Plan implementation.

Partnership and cooperation will be reflected in practice of concerted action and mandatory exchange of information related to the contracted partnership and, where appropriate, information related to all other activities for 1325 Action Plan implementation.

Mutual cooperation will be particularly reflected and enacted in the following fields of activity:

  • Regular consultations, at least twice a year, will take place between the Coordination Board and non-governmental organizations, signatories to this Memorandum, especially when drafting a report to the BiH Council of Ministers on the implementation of 1325 Action Plan;
  • NGOs will receive an invitation from the Coordinating Board with relevant guidance and materials at least xx days before regular consultations;
  • If necessary, additional consultations may be carried out electronically in addition to regular consultations;
  • Non-governmental organizations will, on regular basis, annually, provide information on implemented activities relevant to the implementation of 1325 Action Plan;
  • 1325 Action Plan website will be updated regularly upon receipt of information from non-governmental organizations on the implementation of activities related to the 1325 Action Plan
  • The non-governmental organizations, the Memorandum signatories, undertake to maintain regular contact with other relevant non-governmental organizations in their regions in order to periodically inform them of consultations with the Coordination Board and to collect further relevant information on their activities contributing to the implementation of 1325 Action Plan.