On February 20 and 21, 2020, Sanja Sumonja, a representative of the Association “RS MoI Women Network – RS WPON”, participated at “Gender Equal Small Arms Control – Towards Bullet-Proof Inclusion – Gender Equality Network for Small Arms Control (GENSAC) Conference”, organized by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin. On the panel “Towards Meaningful Inclusion across Region – Best Practices and Practical Lessons Learned from the Western Balkans”, held on February 20, 2020, Mrs Sumonja presented the activities of the RS Ministry of the Interior and the RS MoI Women Network. The conference was attended by about 100 representatives of various international and local organizations from North and South America, Africa, Canada and Europe. The conference conclusions pointed out the activities of the RS Ministry of the Interior Women Network as an example of exceptionally good practice and the fact that in the future they should be shared across other regions dealing with this issue.